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Wing is not only a security door that can enhance hour home's style and design, but it has also best performances among the security doors, as it tested by the most important European Institutions.Wing security doors are certified:



Class 3 according to rule Uni Env 1627-30: the highest security.

Thermic isolation  1,0W/(m2Xk) according to rule  Uni Eni Iso 10077-2: The best insulation

Noise insolutation 34dB according to rule  Uni Eni ISO 140-3- ISO 717-1. It is possible to increase this value to arrive to 40-42 db.


This closing system has been created just for Wing security doors. It is easy  to use and minimal in the design.

It is possible from inside to extract or draw back locks  bits with a simple operation, without using keys or knobs. As it is shown in the photo, it is sufficient to pull up the handle to close and to pull down to open.

The handle comes back always in a horizontal position.